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Contractors Insurance

Free Contractors General Liability Insurance Quote

As a contractor, you build things for your clients all day long, but who’s building a General Liability Insurance Policy that suits your company’s unique needs ContractorsInsurance.org connects you with the nation’s leading providers to ensure that your company is well taken care of when it comes to any and all of your Contractors Insurance needs.

What is General Liability Insurance (GL)?

Often also referred to as Business Liability Insurance or Commercial General Liability Insurance, these policies protect your business against a wide variety of issues you may face. If someone is injured, or if property is damaged, while you’re working on a job, your liability insurance policy is there to cover the costs of reparations. General Liability Insurance is critical for any contractor, because even a single accident could turn into a lawsuit from which you simply could not recover on your own. Liability insurance is the safety net that you can rely on to go about your daily duties without the fear of losing your company or your assets in the event of an accident.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

GL insurance covers all of the operations of your contracting business. There are many facets of General Liability Insurance that are specifically catered to contractors. These include completed operations, inland marine (mobile equipment), inland marine (installation floater), and inland marine (computer property) coverage.

  • Completed Operations Coverage can handle claims regarding bodily injury or property damage after the completion of a construction job.
  • Inland Marine Coverage for Mobile Equipment provides coverage for mobile equipment and tools used on the job.
  • Inland Marine Coverage for Installation Floaters covers damage to any property that your company owns while it’s in transit, waiting to be installed, or is actively being installed at your work site.
  • Inland Marine Coverage for Computer Property protects computer equipment that your business uses, including computers, peripherals, cables, and software.

In addition to these contractors-specific liability coverage options, General Liability Insurance also includes:

  • Comprehensive General Liability to protect your finances in case of lawsuits or claims.
  • Property Damage Coverage for any damage to property for which you’re liable.
  • Bodily Injury Coverage for any injuries sustained for which you’re liable, and their related medical expenses.

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